Konami auctioned off their first NFTs, featuring artwork from their famous Castlevania series. Together, they went for over $156,000.

The Konami Memorial NFT Collection was minted to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Castlevania, a series of video games, comics, and television shows featuring Dracula, his half-human son Alucard, and a family of vampire hunters. The collection includes NFTs of artwork and video clips, mostly from the first game released in 1986 on the Nintendo Family Computer Disk System.

NFTs, or ‘non-fungible tokens,’ are a special kind of cryptocurrency in that they’re not exchangeable for any other token of cryptocurrency. They’re a unique digital sequence, and as such can be used to ‘prove’ ownership of a digital asset, like a work of art. Many video game companies have been entering the NFT market, which is providing it some much-needed legitimacy.

Konami auctioned their collection off on OpenSea, an online auction marketplace. In less than 12 hours, all 14 pieces had been sold.

The highest bid went for work of art based on the Dracula’s Castle map from the 1986 game, which sold for $26,534. Artwork based on Circle of the Moon, a Game Boy Advance game in the series which came out in 2001, sold for over $17,000, as did a three-minute highlights reel of gameplay.

Because it’s important to remember that nothing digital is ever truly owned, Konami retains rights to a royalty of 10 percent each and every time these NTFs are resold. Although that may disappear in the future, when property law catches up to the information age. In physical items, the right of first purchase protects your ownership of something you have bought and paid for. It’s very likely it will apply to digital assets soon enough.

Konami has said that this project is just the ‘first’ project they have planned with NFTs, and they’re very impressed with how this sale has done.

Photo: Shutterstock

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