"Broken Covers" features the worst cover art the collector could find

Broken Covers is maybe one of the most unique album collections in the world – it consists of only the very worst.

Not the worst music – the collector, Steve Goldman, admits he hasn’t listened to most of his finds. No, he’s collecting the worst album art he can find.

  • Goldman has three rules about the art that goes into his collection:
    “It has to be funny, it has to make me laugh.”
  • It has to be professionally designed and published – no one’s family effort.
  • It can’t be racist, sexist, or homophobic.

A few notable covers:

  • “The Nimble Fingers of Jean Pierre Jumez,” which features a man in a formal suit jacket and bare, hairy legs, the juncture between these two aspects fortunately hidden by his guitar.
  • “Roadstar” by Peter Rabbit, featuring the five-person band as rabbits with human faces in dramatic shadow.
  • “Oil and Vinegar” by Dave McKenna and the Wilbur little Quartet, on which two people concealing their nudity behind each other and some romaine lettuce share a leaf between their open mouths.
  • “I love my life” by Jim Post, featuring the artist, his damp mustache, and a weary expression underneath what is probably supposed to be a waterfall but looks like the spill from a watering pot.
  • “Massa Falida” by Duduca and Dalvan is one of Goldman’s favorites. It features the artists walking out of water wearing only briefs and red ties. Between them is an inset image of a child dressed as an angel on a beach. “I really, really don’t know what is going on,” said Goldman.

The collection titled Broken Covers or “The Worst Record Covers in the World” is on display at the Piazza Shopping Centre in Huddersfield, U.K., until 14 November. Donations benefit Different Strokes, a charity for younger stroke survivors. Goldman had a stroke himself earlier this year.

Image: Shutterstock

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