Art City Austin

It’s easy for the artistic offerings of smaller cities to be overshadowed by the cultural behemoths that are Los Angeles and New York City. Don’t forget that some of the most incredible cultural gems are tucked into more humble areas; Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood hosts one of the most celebrated monthly “Art Walks” in the country, and Boston is home to the world-renowned Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), and the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, a treasure trove of art and cultural relics from around the world. Another city that is attracting attention for its burgeoning art scene is none other than Austin, Texas, home of South by Southwest, prolific barbecue joints, and apparently, an abundance of art.

Austin has been on the national radar for a while now, thanks to its respectable culture of live music, and SXSW, the massive music festival that takes over the city each spring. But with more and more galleries cropping up, museums finding their footing, and arts events like Art City Austin being celebrated annually, the hip Texas city is becoming a serious cultural contender. Art Austin features a listing of all of the arts organizations, museums and galleries that occupy Austin’s myriad neighborhoods; The Contemporary Austin, Pump Project, Women & Their Work, Yard Dog, Flatbed Press and Gallery, Austin Art Garage, and Big Medium are just a handful of the many organizations dedicated to the arts in Austin.

Art City Austin fiesta

Art City Austin was originally called “Fiesta.”

Art City Austin returns this April, bringing fine arts, activities, and culture to the city’s downtown area. The event has been taking place in Austin since 1950, but was formerly referred to as “Fiesta” for decades before being renamed Art City Austin. The iconic art festival is organized by the Art Alliance Austin, an organization committed to fostering a sense of community and local culture through the arts.

According to the event’s organizers, “Art City Austin features an outdoor art fair of nationally recognized artists, the People’s Gallery at City Hall with more than 150 works of art by Austin artists, local food retailers, beer and cocktails, live music on the main stage and interactive projects for kids of all ages.” Art City Austin is an annual opportunity for locals to come together and celebrate the city’s vibrant creative culture; it’s an artistic block party that serves as a lens into Austin’s expansive art scene.

Learn more about Art City Austin and the city’s impressive artistic community by visiting the Art Alliance’s website.

Art City Austin 2014

Saturday, April 12th – Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Downtown Austin on Cesar Chavez Street between Guadalupe and Lamar