Close-up of the Lyft app displayed on a phone screen.

Photo credit: BestStockFoto / Shutterstock

Lyft users in downtown Las Vegas can now enjoy some eclectic and whimsical artwork while waiting for their ride.

Lyft’s Art Park is a mishmash of sensory experiences. On one hand you have the typical Las Vegas menagerie, from racy billboards and drunken debauchery to family outings and Mormon missionaries. On the other lies a mix of visual and performance art, turning an otherwise boring parking lot into a lively scene.

The park features a plethora of art, including life-sized model cars, installations, and a 30-foot-tall ballerina.

“The ballerina’s name is Euterpe,” said Yacob Girma, general manager for Lyft Nevada. “She comes from Spain and made her debut at Burning Man last year.”

In fact, much of the art featured was originally shown at Burning Man, such as the aforementioned cars and installations.

“We wanted to create an immersive experience while you wait for your ride, and Burning Man is something that is uniquely Nevada, so it was a good fit,” continued Girma. “These are pieces that can’t fit in a museum.”

And it’s not just art. Passengers can play games, relax, and even charge their phones while waiting for their cars.

“Our first goal is to make the pick-up and drop-off experience seamless,” said Girma. “The second goal is to create immersive experiences because waiting for your ride should be fun.”

This is Lyft’s way of saying “thank you” to Las Vegas, after finding success in a town that fought the ride sharing business tooth and nail. Lyft Nevada also created The Driver Car Wash, which will allow Lyft drivers to wash their cars for $1 (or $5 after the first 30 days). The program runs through mid-December and $1 from each car wash will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The Lyft Art Park runs through January 2019.