A photo of a paper planner with a pen laid on top of it.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

In an age where people consume most of their media electronically, it might be surprising to hear that paper planner sales have been up $50 million in the last two years.

Perhaps it stems from the same reason that some people still choose to hold onto their paperbacks when they have a convenient Kindle, or the same reason adult coloring books are trending. Whether it’s nostalgia, true convenience, or something else entirely, the verdict is still out. But the best day planners all have something in common—their clean design and creative style.

Here are a few of the best-designed paper planners that are trending in the art community and beyond.

1. Passion Planner

The Passion Planner doesn’t feature fancy cover art or pull-out folders. Instead, it contains the best of the basics. Originally featured on Kickstarter, this versatile planner contains areas for both long-term life goals (also called “life-mapping”) and daily time slots to ensure you don’t miss any meetings. Their passion to keep it simple by offering limited designs and colors has made the Passion Planner a timeless utility.

2. Day Designer

Another alliteration, the Day Designer is more design-focused than the Passion Planner. Their “Flagship Collection,” specifically created for women, includes 11 colorful patterns designed to brighten one’s day. The Day Designer also sells refillable leather-bound planners at $159 and up. The Day Designer, like any good trend, is about more than just being organized. Its stylish patterns and color palette have made it a household name and fashion accessory.

3. Calendar To-Do List Pad

When artist Ryan McGinness created the Calendar To-Do List Pad, he made it clean and simple so that anyone could have the space to take notes or doodle throughout their day. This no-frills to-do list is quaint and modern in a sea of bright and flowery planners. The 365 calendar also comes in a chic black box that’s perfect for putting on a shelf to look back at on New Year’s.

While the reason for paper planners trending in a digital age is still a mystery, one thing is for sure: paper planners are set to become more creative and well-designed in the years to come.