A pegasus sculpture by Vivianne Duchini.

A sculpture by Argentine artist Vivianne Duchini.
Photo credit: Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación Argentina at Flickr Creative Commons.

Vivianne Duchini is an art powerhouse from Argentina who is known for her massive bronze sculptures. She’s been crafting horse sculptures since she was five years old, working in clay, wax, plaster, and even metals. It is her spirited sculptures of horses and dogs that have bolstered her to international fame.

Her most famous work is “Tropilla,” a herd of running horses commissioned by an iconic hotel in Buenes Aires. Art critics throughout South America call the installation one of the most spectacular modern pieces of art in that city.

“It was a big challenge for me to develop a piece of art that represents the spirit of Buenos Aires and at the same time can transcend time,” Duchini told Capital Wire PR.

Another notable piece of hers is “Pegasus. Esculturas Animalistas” which is on display at the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Buenos Aires. It is so magnificent that it has been mistaken for a Da Vinci bronze, perfect in its anatomy and scale.

And while her work has mostly been centered in Argentina, as of May 19th 2017, Duchini has extended her reach to New York City where she now has six new sculptures. Some of her sculptures are modeled after her iconic, larger-than-life horses. They were debuted at a private reception in Westchester.

“This exhibit in New York is a dream come true,” said Duchini in an interview with Capital Wire PR. “I came to Bedford to visit a friend seventeen years ago and remember instantly falling in love with the beautiful landscape and the horses. I told my friend in Bedford that one day I wanted to show my sculptures in this area.”

Duchini’s work is on public display at a private residence in the north of the city and will remain on public display for the remainder of the summer.