New York Public Radio is a sponsor of the upcoming PEN World Voices Festival, scheduled from April 25 through May 1. The festival will celebrate Mexico’s rich literary culture with performances featuring authors from around the world.

June M. Carson, a philanthropist noted for education and conservation work, Anton Levy, managing director at General Atlantic, and Peter Tague, an investment banker at Citigroup, Inc., are just a few of the leaders who support for NYPR’s programming by sitting on their Board of Trustees.

Many other dedicated volunteers from the from the fields of business and finance lend their expertise to New York Public Radio’s (NYPR) mission: “To make the mind more curious, the heart more open, and the spirit more joyful through excellent audio programming that is deeply rooted in New York.”

Listening to a new voice on the radio is a powerful tool for furthering our understanding of the world. NYPR’s sponsorship of the festival is an example of a radio station that engages listeners and challenges them with thought provoking content.

Salman Rushdie founded the PEN World Voices Festival after the bombing of the World Trade Center in 2001. His goal was to answer the cacophony that followed this tragedy with a thoughtful dialog between the United States and the world, one that celebrates the human voice and supports human rights.

Leading thinkers and authors from Mexico will explore social issues and invite audiences to rethink generally accepted ideas about today’s Mexico. Festival director László Jakab Orsós describes the festival’s focus in this way:
This year’s focus on Mexico allows us to present new perspectives on some of the urgent sociopolitical issues of our time—perspectives that are often absent from mainstream cultural forums. But this festival is not solely about understanding the realities of Mexican society and culture in all of its complexities. It is also about exploring the great well of imagination found in the country’s artistic life, as expressed through its fiction, poems, music, film, and art.

Discover more about the creative voices rethinking Mexico’s history, national identity, and literary culture at the PEN World Voices Festival’s website.