This week marks the opening of contemporary art fair Frieze Week, which occurs every October in Regent’s Park, London. This year’s fair promises to be expertly curated and enjoyable, as it is every year, with contributions from significant international artists, Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Vanity Fair.

The Tate Modern will have several exhibits to see, including a Frank Auerbach exhibition as well as artist Abraham Cruzvillegas’ Hyundai Commission, a piece meant to reflect the Mexican cultural tenet of “self-construction,” a term which refers to the way older generations of Mexicans built their homes in stages with whatever materials they could.

The Frieze Sculpture Park contains 16 new and historical works that were chosen by Clare Lilley, the Director of Programme at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and is free to the public. This year’s new works include a work by Richard Serra that hasn’t been seen since its debut in 1976. There will also be a solar-powered sound and light work by Haroon Mirza, whose work investigates the relationship and friction between sound and light waves and electric current.

There will also be many, many galleries to visit and many projects and talks to attend. Tania Bruguera will lead a talk on Wednesday the 14th at 5 PM entitled “Aesth-ethics: Art with Consequences,” in which the artist will speak about politically-motivated practice in art, and how those politics must have consequences if the art is to be effective. The keynote lecture will come from fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, who will speaking about the changing relationship between art and practice.

But Frieze Week is about more than art: it is also about food, as all good things must be. Many restaurants, bars, and cafes have partnered with the production and will provide food at the fair, including the acclaimed all-day restaurant Caravan; GAIL’s Artistan Bakery will have pop-up cafes around the fair, serving sandwiches and salads.

Frieze London will be open from Wednesday the 14th through Saturday the 17th. Premium all-day tickets start at about 40 pounds, while basic Frieze London tickets range between 36 and 53 pounds.