Fredric Brandt at his Chelsea home.

Image: Fredric Brandt at his Chelsea, NY home | Artnet

The gigantic art collection of Fredric Brandt, celebrity cosmetic surgeon and skincare guru, is going up for auction at Phillips Auction House. The collection, valued around $15 million, boasts over 200 pieces. Though his cosmetic surgery clients included Madonna and business bigwigs, Brandt spent much of his free time purchasing and discussing art with friends. Brandt, who died in April of this year, was dedicated to his collection.

A slideshow of the art in Brandt’s home shows many beautiful and unique pieces. A 2004 Richard Prince work made from canceled checks and acrylic canvas, titled “My Wife, My Wife,” speaks a sad message on a sadder medium: “I asked her what she wanted. She said “the waiter.” Art dots every wall of Brandt’s home, whose clean lines make the house look more like an actual art museum than a private residence. A large painting of shoes in high heels, splashing in something rust-colored, mark the way through a set of white French doors.

The works of art around his house are colorful, bright, and captivating. “I like my art to make me feel good,” Brandt said in an interview. “I don’t want a piece of art to make me feel depressed.”  Dr. Brandt was a self-made businessman with a successful practice and a skincare line that was sold in close to 50 countries.

He maintained homes in New York and Miami, but in addition to struggling with depression, Brandt was allegedly devastated by a satiric portrait of him on Netflix’s new show, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The celebrity plastic surgeon was also known for practicing many of his procedures on himself. “I always try things on myself,” he said. “That way I can see if it works or it doesn’t work. And it gives people reassurance.”

Phillips Auction House beat out other competitors interested in Brandt’s collection via a third-party minimum-price guarantee.