best new television shows how to get away with murder

There are so many great new television shows this season. Are you hooked on dramas like How to Get Away With Murder yet? / Image: via Facebook.

Let’s be honest. We’ve all seen Real Housewives (or other reality TV guilty pleasures) too many times and breezed through Orange is the New Black the weekend it came out. But now it’s time for fall/winter television programming which means that there are a ton of new shows out, and some that are actually worth watching. Here are five excellent television shows that we suggest checking out this week:

Madam Secretary – 8pm Sundays on CBS

Tea Leoni stars in this show as Elizabeth McCord who is a headstrong Secretary of State who took the job as a favor to the President. She not only fits the role well, but part of her job is to figure out the mysterious circumstances around the death of her predecessor.

Mulaney – 9:30pm Sundays on FOX

Former SNL scribe John Mulaney stars as a rising stand-up trying to break out in this series. His friends, neighbor and crazy boss stymie him. It’s a great take on the stand-up world and making it in comedy.

best new television shows jane the virgin

Jane the Virgin is one of the most popular new shows of the season! / Image: via Facebook.

Gotham – 8pm Mondays on FOX

Gotham of course is about Batman and takes viewers back to the time when Commissioner Gordon (head of Gotham police department) was just a rookie detective tasked with finding the killers of young Bruce Wayne’s parents and the city was still on the edge of complete corruption.

Jane the Virgin – 9pm Mondays on The CW

This show is hilarious and cheesy and follows the story of twenty-three-year-old Jane who has a meticulous life plan and is planning to save herself for marriage. However, on a routine gynecologist check-up she is artificially inseminated with the specimen meant for the patient in the next room. To make matters even worse, it’s specimen from the owner of the hotel she works at.

How to Get Away With Murder – 10pm Thursdays on ABC

This new show from acclaimed producer Shonda Rhimes stars Academy-Award nominee Viola Davis in a role that seems tailor-made for this incredible actress. Dark, alluring, and fast-moving, How to Get Away With Murder has been met with great critical and audience acclaim and is already being touted as one of the best new shows of 2014.

What network television shows are you enjoying right now?