Art City Austin local artistsThe art world can often be an incredibly polarizing place, especially when it comes to how art is valued. Some artists share their work with the world free of charge by embracing graffiti and public installations as their medium of choice. Others spend their careers crafting works that sell for millions of dollars at auction. Is it possible to support local artists in ways that won’t completely deplete your savings?

According to Artsy Forager founder Lesley Frenz, there are still many ways to support artists even if you’re broke. From social media to art walks, to simply reaching out, Frenz explains that there are other ways to support your favorite local artists and the arts community at large without spending a dime.

supporting local artists by writing to them

Never underestimate the impact of reaching out to your favorite local artists with support.

One way to show your appreciation for the arts is by attending open studios, art walks, and gallery openings. Frenz notes that ideally, attendees of these events would be purchasing artworks, but that just showing up is enough to keep artists and gallery owners encouraged. Additionally, telling an artist how much you like their work, either in person or via email or letter, is another way to show your support without going broke. As Frenz explains, “A thoughtful, heartfelt note to your favorite artist expressing how their work makes you feel will be a priceless gift of support,” of how valuable and validating these exchanges can be for an artist.

Embracing technology is another way to help support your local arts community. By writing about an artist’s work on your blog, sharing one of their pieces on social media, or re-tweeting their posts to your Twitter followers, you are helping to provide them with exposure, which is priceless. “You never know who among your network might be compelled to become a collector, even if you are currently unable to do so,” explains Frenz.

How do you support your local artists and arts community on a budget?