Pharrell Williams art

Image: pharrell via Instagram

Pharrell Williams is a man of many talents. Many consider him to be one of the greatest pop musicians working today, and he’s also proven himself to be a formidable producer, an acclaimed fashion designer, and a generous and outspoken philanthropist and women’s rights advocate. Now, with two art exhibitions soon to be under his belt, Pharrell can add “curator” to his already impressive resume.

Earlier this year, Pharrell co-curated “This is Not a Toy,” an examination of the contemporary production of designer toys for the Design Exchange in Toronto, Canada. The exhibition “is dedicated to exploring the notions surrounding the conceptual toy; something which lingers between a fine art and design object,” details Design Boom. Featuring a wide array of sculptures, figurines, and paintings, “This is Not a Toy” is decidedly modeled after Pharrell’s famous aesthetic, and has been met with acclaim.

Currently, the multitalented singer is curating his second show for a Parisian audience; it has been reported that Pharrell has collaborated with gallerist Emmanuel Perrotin to curate a special exhibition for the Galerie Perrotin in Paris, France. According to ARTLOG, “Entitled ‘G I R L,’ after his most recent album, the exhibition brings together 40 different artworks, 10 of which were specifically produced for the show,” of what to expect from Pharrell’s latest foray into the world of art.

pharrell williams curator

Laurent Grasso, Studies into the past (Single Cover of “Lost Queen” by Pharrell Williams) / Image: via ARTLOG

“G I R L,” much like Pharrell’s newest record of the same name, pays homage to women and serves as a collaborative tribute to femininity. The show is set to feature 34 artists whose unique visions will be organized cohesively with help from Pharrell and Perrotin. Held at Galerie Perrotin’s new space the Salle de Bal, Bianca Hirschowitz for ARTLOG describes the location as being part of Paris’ “über-trendy Marais district, [which] just adds to the cool factor.”  Artists that are involved with the show include Marina Abramovic, Laurent Grasso, Alex Katz, Sophie Calle, Tom Wesselmann, and dozens of others.

The response to this exhibition will certainly be indicative of Pharrell’s place in the world of art. Learn more by visiting Galerie Perrotin online.

“G I R L,” curated by Pharrell Williams

May 27 – June 25, 2014

Salle de Bal, Paris