Mixed Greens Gallery

Mixed Greens Gallery in New York City is really embracing the contrast between the pastoral and manmade right now, with its three current exhibitions touching on turf and landscape. Mixed Greens is a contemporary art gallery that specializes in “conceptually driven and figurative work by emerging and mid-career American artists,” its mission explains. Kim Beck, Leigh Tarentino, and Susan Graham are just three of those artists, whose works are all currently on display at the gallery. Here’s what you can expect to find at Mixed Greens right now:

A Great Piece of Turf

Mixed Greens

From A Great Piece of Turf / Image: via Mixed Greens

This solo exhibition of artist Kim Beck is her second one at Mixed Greens, and showcases mixed media, drawings, and sculptures that address ideas of nature and territory. “As remnants of what were once blockades, these pieces are mediations on fences, territory, turf, and even painting itself,” explains the gallery in regards to some of her larger, fencelike works. A Great Piece of Turf spans most of the gallery, illustrating the introspections of the artist as she examines the boundaries and fluidities of natural spaces.

(April 24-May 23, 2014)

The Night Hours

This exhibition is a site-specific window installation by Providence-based artist Leigh Tarentino. “Known for her works on paper and digital prints, Tarentino translates the constructed landscape to dynamically layered fabric panels in our 26th Street windows,” Mixed Greens details. In the past, Tarentino has used watercolor and ink to create delicate, eerie representations of manmade landscapes. In The Night Hours, she uses painted and silkscreened layers of fabric to create collages that depict nighttime suburbia. She examines landscapes, single-family houses, and gardens in a haunting, beautiful way.

(March 20-May 23, 2014)

Mixed Greens

Susan Graham’s Spiral Landscape / Image: via Mixed Greens

Spiral Landscape

Susan Graham’s Spiral Landscape is another site-specific installation that takes up an entire wall of the gallery from floor to ceiling. According to Mixed Greens, Spiral Landscape is “a giant mandala-like spiral made of porcelain sculptures and sugar objects affixed directly to the wall,” of what Graham’s imaginative, precarious installation looks like. As the gallery notes, “there is a simultaneous sense of wonder and danger in the installation, palpable through the viewer’s proximity to such unprotected fragility.”

(March 20-May 23, 2014)

Learn more about the exhibitions and artists by visiting mixedgreens.com.