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What makes Mr. Cage such an unusual screen presence and an even more atypical movie star is that he’s habitually very good and very bad from movie to movie, and sometimes scene to scene in a single film. Unlike most movie stars, whose stardom is partly predictable on a recognizable, coherent, stable persona and the ability to deliver a similarly coherent, stable performance – Mr. Cage is reliably unreliable. – Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

Bizarre. Enigma. Intense. Iconic. Godly. These are just a handful of words used to describe Nicolas Kim Coppola, a.k.a. Nicolas Cage, the American actor, director, and Internet legend. It’s difficult to trace the origins of the prolific Nic Cage following. As Dargis points out, Cage is all at once brilliant and terrible; he is notorious for apparently never turning down a movie role, which has contributed to a colorful, varied, and at times downright laughable career in Hollywood.

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His Internet following is vast, and vaster still with every new role he takes on. There are rumors that the eccentric actor bought a pyramid-shaped tomb in New Orleans, and that Cage is actually a vampire. With so much cultural relevance, it is somewhat surprising that there has yet to have been an organized arts event with a focus on the confounding, remarkable career of Nic Cage. That is, until now.

Longtime Nicolas Cage enthusiast Ezra Croft is planning and curating the Nicolas Cage Art Show and Musical Shenanigans, a massive art show that features Nic Cage-inspired artworks from all over the world. The art show will display artworks ranging from professional quality to passionate fan art that captures the many personas of the actor. Croft recently told The Huffington Post, “About 3 months ago, I began to ponder the enigmatic intensity of Nicolas Cage, wondering, ‘This guy has been in almost 70 movies, he’s an icon, but not classically so. Why hasn’t there been an art show dedicated to him?'” Taking matters into his own hands, Croft took to Craigslist to commission the artworks, and is gearing up to host the now highly anticipated event.

Learn more about the Nicolas Cage Art Show and Musical Shenanigans on the event’s Facebook page.

Nicolas Cage Art Show and Musical Shenanigans

Saturday, April 12th, 9:00 at the Balancoire in San Francisco

Top Image: via Facebook

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