“At the time of the Museum of Modern Art’s founding, in 1929, the terms ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ coincided effortlessly,” explains MoMA’s Architecture and Design department. “Since then, MoMA curators have sought to distill a timeless ideal of visual presence and meaning from different circumstances, all the while revising and reconsidering the initial paradigms of modern art.”

Fast forward from the museum’s early twentieth century beginnings to the present: today, MoMA’s curators are faced with the challenge of having to keep up with ever-changing art trends, design and architecture evolutions, and technological influences. In honoring the museum’s commitment to pursuing contemporary artworks, while maintaining uncompromisingly high standards, MoMA proudly introduces A Collection of Ideas.

Video games have evolved over time to be more artistic

You’ll find everything from video games to sculpture in ‘A Collection of Ideas’
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A Collection of Ideas is a new, transcendent exhibition that focuses on art made during the last few decades. The works featured in this exhibit – everything from video games to sculpture – were chosen for their ability to “introduce new categories of investigation and new design forms.” According to Luke Baker, the curatorial assistant in the department of Architecture and Design,

Our [new] exhibition ‘A Collection of Ideas’ presents several lenses through which MoMA looks at design and the contemporary world – significant areas of research that examine the connection between design and violence, the increasingly important field of interaction design; and the relationship between nature and the build environment, which demands urgent attention and redefinition.

MoMA’s curators have worked scrupulously to organize collections that present museum visitors with a gateway into the most nuanced genres of contemporary art that exist today. Tracing modern intersections between things such as “design and violence” as Baker suggests evokes an entirely new experience with art; it pushes audiences to examine the way that art permeates our daily lives in an ever-changing world.

Museum president, Marie-Josee Kravis (formerly Marie-Josee Drouin) and museum director Glenn Lowry have also worked tirelessly to keep MoMA on the cutting edge of contemporary art, in addition to its masterful curators. Ms. Kravis became president after spending years on nearly every board at the museum; she has donated considerable funds and time to maintaining MoMA’s indelible reputation for being one of the world’s leading modern art institutions. Plans to expand, to enrich its already impressive collection, and projects like A Collection of Ideas certainly make the future look bright for the renowned museum.

A Collection of Ideas

February 15, 2014 – February 28, 2015

Architecture and Design Galleries, third floor

For more information about the exhibition, visit www.moma.org.