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Image: has been “filling the hole since 2013.” What this means is that this brand new independent media outlet is contributing to entertainment in a way that has been seriously lacking. Designed to challenge the limitations of women’s entertainment, is an inclusive, diverse, and empowering source of fun and informative media.

And it isn’t just for one type of woman, but rather, “feminists, femmes, femininas, not-straights, farmer girls, alpha females, lean-ins, lean-outs, CEOs, artsy-crafties, bloggers, blog-hers, students, teachers, breeders and bleeders…ladies, women, girls, and chicks who want to think more, feel more, have crazier dreams, more sex, better art, bigger plans.” This wide spanning demographic was imagined by creators Rebecca Odes and Jill Soloway; these two feminist-minded Internet and entertainment heavyweights wanted to create a space for more inclusive, quality media content.

Still brand new, has the potential to explode female stereotypes and revolutionize what is generally deemed “entertaining” media for women. Read more about Wifey and its creators in our full profile.