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Image: is a brand new curated video network for women. Like other online video networks, – Wifey for short – is a space where one can go to find trending content, funny or tear-jerking short videos and interviews in a variety of categories. Unlike other online video networks however, Wifey aims to be inclusive of a wide range of female identities, challenging the limitations of women’s entertainment as we know it.

Rebecca Odes and Jill Soloway are the radical, innovative duo behind Wifey; two entertainment-savvy women who saw a “hole” in the world of women’s entertainment that desperately needed filling. Rebecca Odes made a name for herself after cofounding, the first of its kind online social media platform and website designed for teenage girls. She’s also the author of the bestselling books Deal with It! and From the Hips, two comedic, genuine guides to sex, life, and parenthood.

Jill Soloway is a self-described “writer/director/community organizer/mother/feminist/lover of slashes,” who has played a huge part in acclaimed series such as “Six Feet Under,” “How to Make it in America,” and “United States of Tara,” among other television shows and films. She’s also the author of Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants, a humorous memoir with tinges of feminism and grit. Together, Odes and Soloway have created a new brand of online video curation that is more inclusive, offers more diversity, and has a radical, feminist-minded edge that no other network has.

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Wifey is a space full of woman-made content that represents deeply complex and unique points of view. Despite its cheeky name, Odes and Soloway are in no way trying to solely connect with wives through this network. Instead, they would much rather connect with everyone. When describing who Wifey is trying to reach, the creators explain, “Wifey is for just about everyone: feminists, femmes, femininas, not-straights, farmer girls, alpha females, lean-ins, lean-outs, CEOs, artsy-crafties, bloggers, blog-hers, students, teachers, breeders and bleeders…ladies, women, girls, and chicks who want to think more, feel more, have crazier dreams, more sex, better art, bigger plans.”

They also explain that it’s for men too, those “who are interested in seeing women as human beings. People who are aspirational about ideas over things.” This latter explanation also ties in with the creators’ desire to make a space where women can not only enjoy high quality, progressive, inspiring content, but where women are better represented in general. As Odes and Soloway say, “Our audience is anyone who needs content that gets deep inside of women as actual multi-faceted human people. Subjects, not objects.”

With these goals and their target demographic in mind, it’s easy to see how Wifey is designed to subvert stereotypes, challenge viewers, be a place where quality, diverse content can be devoured. is a network of voices and ideas that champion the female presence in ways that contemporary media falls short, where contemporary entertainment fails.

Rebecca Odes, Jill Soloway, and are pushing the boundaries in online entertainment and content geared towards women, and they are bringing critical social issues to the forefront as they do it. These women and their new network are truly cultivating culture.

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