1380487_277819399009834_6793620_nMultimedia artist Pablo González-Trejo describes himself as a “contemporary artist living contemporary art themes as a full time Cuban-Galician-American alter-modern man.” Born in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, González-Trejo now lives and works in Paris where he has settled after studying fine arts and collaborating with other artists throughout America and Europe. His travels have certainly inspired much of his work; his multicultural identity speaks to the complex layers of dialogue represented in his paintings.

González-Trejo’s signature style involves using acrylic, charcoal, and graphite on canvas, and he has also implemented a “defacing” method in the past, in which he adds texture and distress to painted images. Defacing allows familiar images to be regarded in new ways; his former projects involving this technique have sometimes been politically and socially charged, assigning deep meaning to the faces of prominent figures. Dividing his time between various countries and borrowing from his experiences in each of them, González-Trejo sees art as a tool to help understand different cultures and communities around the world.


Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo, “Forest,” Mixed Technique on Paper

This month, the artist will be presenting his latest body of work, titled “Grey Paintings,” at The Floor gallery in Barcelona, Spain. González-Trejo will be the first major residency at the gallery this fall, a space dedicated to showcasing multidisciplinary works from around the world, as well as cultural events in the city of Barcelona. “Grey Paintings” will feature González-Trejo’s distinctive paintings and his defacing technique that renders eerie, powerful works. Multiple mediums will be displayed in the exposition, all showcasing the artist’s ability to combine his multicultural experiences with a similar blend of styles and methods.

Pablo González-Trejo: “Grey Paintings” will be on display at The Floor Gallery from October 18-20, 2013. For more information about the artist and the exhibition, visit his website.