Oscar de la Renta's Striped Ballgown

Oscar de la Renta’s Striped Ballgown
Image from uptowntwirl.com

Last night wrapped up New York’s Fashion Week, and what a week it has been. After a hectic week of runway shows, events, parties, and more, all of NYC’s fashion-forward are likely looking forward to a return to normalcy.

We don’t often write about fashion here at Cultivating Culture, but considering the sheer size and reach of the event across NYC, it seems appropriate that we at least give it a shout out. Here are some of the week’s best and most interesting highlights:

  • Oscar de la Renta—This season’s collection was a fusion of fashion for the designer, who did not disappoint with his chic and elegant designs, like the bold black-and-white striped satin gown that one model sported on the runway.
  • Calvin Klein—yet another tribute to black and white, Calvin Klein’s simple white dress with a black lace overlay was simply stunning.
  • Ralph Lauren—in particular, his children’s collection was perfectly pompous, complete with a girl model strutting down the runway in leopard print high tops, a tartan tutu, a red officer’s jacket, a top hat, and—of course—a puppy.
  • Victoria Beckham—she can design some mighty fine clothes. Her Spring 2013 collection was all about being a confident modern woman, complete with playful scarlet red skirt suits and the ideal little black dress.
  • Alexander Wang—he likes to color outside the lines, and that’s ok. Wang’s collection celebrates the strong, powerful woman both in design and in aesthetic. His runway models posed while the lights were turned down—leaving them glowing like glow-in-the-dark stars.