Margarita Lopez

Margarita Lopez—as Environmental Coordinator for New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)—has a lot on her plate, but she doesn’t let that slow her down one bit.  An avid activist since the 1970s, she’s dabbled in just about every do- gooder cause we can think of: she’s worked with victims of domestic violence and advocated for the rights of the mentally disabled, drug addicts, alcoholics, and the homeless. She’s also a powerful force in the LGBT community and a passionate environmentalist as well.

Lopez’s current focus is on making NYCHA more sustainable through green initiatives. She is responsible for retrofitting NYCHA’s infrastructure, replacing necessary components to reduce NYCHA’s carbon footprint and keeping residents informed of best practices. She’s also worked to improve the quality of life for residents by being involved in the creation of green spaces. Projects like the Planters Grove NYC garden are becoming the norm for NYCHA with Margarita Lopez around.

But what lands her a profile spotlight on our website is her continued dedication to the arts. She’s been a key figure in supporting arts and cultural programs such as the Duo Multi-Cultural Arts Center (DMAC) and the New York Theatre Workshop (NYTW), which are both major cultural and arts hubs in NYC.

Margarita Lopez has shown unwavering support for community causes and is a veteran fighter for what she believes is right. She’s a dedicated and valuable community member and leader in New York City, and has shown that through hard work and passion for a cause, perseverance is always possible.

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