John Rhea

John Rhea has been Chairman of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) since 2009,heading up the organization that houses over half a million New Yorkers throughout the five boroughs. NYCHA is also a noteworthy organization when it comes to enriching the community through educational, arts, and cultural programs as well as offering medical services and employment opportunities.

John Rhea has been a key figure in transforming NYCHA into a better, stronger organization to “enhance our communities and support NYCHA’s families.” He knows the value of working together to get a tough job done, and he’s not afraid to tackle any necessary issues.

A philanthropist as well as a community leader, John Rhea helped head up the joint social venture of NYCHA and the NFL Officiating Academy. The program teaches skills necessary to become NFL game officials as well as valuable life skills, and provides potential career options.

Rhea was also the founder and director of the Council for Urban Professionals (CUP), which is a social venture organization that’s dedicated to supporting minority entrepreneurs. He’s involved in the New York Business Development Corporation Board as a board member as well.

Clearly an advocate for creating career opportunities to community members, John Rhea also understands the value of arts. He’s a board member for Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, and has also been involved with the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. He has two children himself, making him a passionate supporter of early childhood education and arts and cultural programs for youth in the community.

John Rhea knows what he believes in, and remains dedicated even when the road may be long and treacherous. “Our progress is significant,” he said of NYCHA’s recent growth, “but our work is ongoing.”