James S. Turley

James S. Turley

James S. Turley, CEO and Chairman of Ernst & Young Global, is the 2012 recipient of the BCA Leadership Award. Each year since 1993, the Business Committee for the Arts has used the award to recognize individuals for their commitment to and vision for the arts.

Turley has shown a solid commitment to investing in the arts over the years. Since the start of his career at Ernst & Young, he has remained active in theater and arts education, serving as Chairman of the Board for the National Corporate Theatre Fund (NCTF) six years running. The fund recently announced a new campaign, “Impact Creativity,” which is a $5 million fundraising effort that aims to support theatre education across the country. Ernst & Young LLP started the campaign off with a hefty gift of $200,000.

The aim of the new campaign, and the mission of Turley and his company create opportunities for youth to experience art and quality education in their lives. Turley, alongside his wife, has also recently gifted a $250,000 Challenge Grant to STAGES ST. LOUIS, matching each new and increased donation received during the year of its 25th Anniversary.

Turley has shown unwavering commitment and exceptional service to the arts through his leadership. He has been an active participant in advancing the arts and arts education. His support, among many others’, has helped to ensure that the arts continue to thrive and grow in America.


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