George Roberts

George Roberts is more than just a bigwig executive for one of the nation’s leading private equity firms. We use the word “just” lightly here. What we mean is that he’s not only a suit. He’s also a dedicated philanthropist and supporter of the arts.

He’s most well known, however, for his work with Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR), which he founded with his cousin and Co-CEO Henry Kravis in 1976. Through the company’s success, George Roberts become a self-made billionaire and is #57 on Forbes’ 400 Richest People in America.

KKR’s success enabled Roberts to become the philanthropist and cultural advocate that he is today. He’s the founder and Chairman of the Board for the Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF), which supports social ventures to create employment opportunities for those in need.

Roberts has also served on the boards for several arts, educational and cultural organizations as either a board member or trustee. He’s a Trustee of Claremont McKenna College and Culver Military Academy, two of his alma maters. George Roberts is also a Member of the Advisory Council for Stanford Graduate School of Business. His involvement in the arts puts him on the board for the San Francisco Symphony, the San Francisco Ballet, and the Fine Arts Museum.

Without those like George Roberts to support them, cultural, arts, and education programs would be at a loss to survive in our modern world. He believes in creating opportunities for young people, and when he reminisces about the start of KKR, he admits he took a chance on it. He knows the value of seizing the day, and he’s making a big effort to give others the same opportunity.