A man twirling fire.

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The esoteric artwork and counter cultural vibe of Burning Man can now be found at a giant warehouse in Phoenix.

The Where?House art gallery has made its official appearance in Arizona, boasting 24,000 square feet and holding the title of the state’s largest art house. The Where?House is the brainchild of Walter Productions, a local Phoenix company that focuses on an array of creative projects and exhibitions.

Kirk Strawn, head of Walter Productions, says his company wants to create a massive platform for both artists native to Arizona and those from around the world.

“We’re an artist collective of sorts,” he said.

So why the Where?House? It could have something to do with Walter Productions sharing the same guiding principles as the Burning Man festival.

“It’s all about spreading love, peace, and joy,” said Strawn. “We have three simple principles: Show up, be kind, and clean up after yourself.”

The Where?House isn’t so much a shrine to the festival as much as it is a home for works inspired by the Burner movement. The gallery hosts multiple large-scale “art cars” that were featured at Burning Man, but they are only a small part. Visitors can expect to see a variety of eccentric art forms, including light-based installations and illuminated versions of classic board games that were introduced last year at the Lost Lake Festival in Phoenix. It fits in with the “immersive and interactive” style that Strawn says sits at the core of Walter Productions.

Setting up shop in a warehouse that was once a paper factory, Strawn plans on making the Where?House a permanent gallery in the Phoenix area. However, the goal is to make it more of a special event center than a typical, everyday art gallery. Strawn is hoping the Where?House will become a home to visual and performance artists touring the country. Walter Productions is also planning on opening more venues, all in Phoenix.

“We’re 10 years into a 100-year plan,” Strawn said. “We spent a lot of the first 10 years on the road, but now we’re putting down more roots in Phoenix.”