akademie x artist advice

Earlier this month, Phaidon released a new book called Akademie X: Lessons in Art + Life, which is described as “A must-read for aspiring arts professionals.” In the book, 36 “tutors” provide unique lessons on how to thrive in the art world. These contributing tutors include Marina Abramovic, Mark Dion, Miranda July, Tim Rollins, and dozens of others.

In honor of this insightful, interesting book, here are a collection of tips about how to excel at a career in the arts, from artists:

It’s important for young artists to be clear about what they want. When thinking about what galleries they want to work with they need to consider whether they want financial success, comfort and support, or eventual fame. I look for dealer who challenge me. I had my first gallery representation when I was 35. – Painter Katharina Grosse, on advocating for yourself and your needs as a young artist.

Your life right now is as real as it will ever be. It won’t be more real in the future, when you get into or out of college or into or out of a relationship or a job or a financial quagmire or a health problem. In fact, the things keeping you back – these embarrassing, boring, stupid obstacles – are the heart of what it is to be human. They’re the whole reason for making and needing art. – Artist and author Miranda July, on embracing life’s obstacles and not putting off your dreams.

As an alternative to the tedious embracement of ‘failure’ in the studio, I say instead, ‘just lie.’ Work towards the idea or towards misunderstood success. But for god’s sake, do not work to fail. – Painter and conceptual artist Michelle Grabner, on failure and success in the studio.

Stop making ‘art’ and start making your work. […] It’s so easy to make things that look like art, act like art, get sold like art, yet in the end aren’t really art, but are phantoms, mere commodities, or quantifiable digestible sound bites. – Conceptual artist and sculptor Stephanie Syjuco, on creating art that genuinely reflects your aesthetic.

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