travel luggage

For many, traveling abroad is a life-changing experience. Image: THOR via Flickr CC.

Do you plan on traveling during your life? To far off and exotic places, or even just a few states over? Here are four ways that traveling can change your life forever:

  1. It will teach you the beauty of simplicity.

When you travel, you learn to embrace simplicity. You learn how to prioritize because you have to fit everything into one small bag. It teaches you the value of experience rather than the value of having things. You learn that less can be more.

  1. When you travel, you learn detachment from wherever you previously called “home.”

You fall in love with all the places you visit for different reasons, and you’ll cherish many of the adventures you see and have in each place. You will feel a part of each place you visit, and leave a piece of your heart everywhere you pass by. They will leave a mark on you, for better or for worse.

  1. We are all one, and traveling and exploring other cultures will teach you that.

It doesn’t matter where you were born, the color of your skin, or your religion. At the core of all our hearts, we are the same. You will learn that diversity is the spice of life. If you can avoid the most touristy areas or hotels, you will experience some of the most valuable moments in your life.

  1. You will learn that no matter where you are, you are never really alone.

When you travel alone, you are open to meet new people and don’t have to follow anyone else’s agenda. You can always change your mind about what you want to do that day as you please. You will grow in ways you’ve never experienced before when you travel alone. You will develop connections and friendships that will last forever.