Elizabeth A. Sackler

Dr. Elizabeth A. Sackler is a public historian, Native American advocate, arts activist, honorary member of the Guerrilla Girls, and, according to the Women’s Media Center (WMC), “is transforming the public’s perception and understanding of 21st century Feminist Art.”

She is responsible for the creation of the Dr. Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, which opened at the Brooklyn Museum in 2007 with help from her foundation. According to WMC, “The Center for Feminist Art is the first of its kind, brining Feminist Art into a major cultural institution; it is also a fertile space for writers, thinkers, artists, and feminists to congregate and dialogue.” It’s a significant cultural space that makes room for feminist discourse and gender inclusivity, and pays homage to the 21st century artists that utilized performance and audiovisual media while creating through a feminist lens.

In addition to the Center’s mission to raise awareness about feminism’s cultural contributions, it also features The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago, a gift from the Dr. Elizabeth A. Sackler Foundation. “The Center’s 8,300-square-foot space encompasses a gallery devoted to The Dinner Party (1974-79), a biographical gallery to present exhibitions highlighting the women represented in The Dinner Party, a gallery space for a regular exhibition schedule of feminist art, a computerized study area, and additional spaces for the presentation of related public educational programs,” describes the Brooklyn Museum of the incredible space.

Dr. Sackler not only serves as the visionary behind the Center for Feminist Art, but as the Board Chair of the Brooklyn Museum. In June, 2014 Dr. Sackler became the first woman to be elected to the position in the 200-year history of the arts institution. “It is a privilege, and I thank the Museum’s leadership, for electing me as Chair of this venerable institution,” Dr. Sackler said after being elected. “As this is a museum for all people, I am proud to be the first woman to Chair the Board of Trustees.”

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Image: via Facebook.