Elaine StritchEarlier this month, Broadway lost one of its most legendary performers when Elaine Stritch passed away at 89 years old. Stritch, an award-winning actress and comedian who was beloved for her crass, audacious persona, has undoubtedly influenced countless contemporary actors and artists and left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

Throughout her decades-long career, Stritch amused and shocked audiences and fans with her larger-than-life personality and knack for entertaining. Here are some of the late actress’s most loved quotes and advice on being creative:

“Quite frankly I don’t know how to be happy. I have not a clue. I only serve – and I don’t say that with any grandeur. I just serve others through entertaining. That’s when I am happy. I’m not just delighted with myself when I’m entertaining, but I’m happier than when I’m not.”

“This is a time in my life where I’m gonna behave like an elegant human being. Or not.”

“I find it easier to abstain than do a little bit of anything. I’m not a ‘little bit’ kind of dame. I want it all, whatever I do.”

“I am not influenced by other human beings. But I am inspired.”

“Audiences are not strangers to me, They’re the best friends I’ve got in my life.”

“If I see a great performance on television, onstage, in the movies, I go to work the next day with a renewed energy and less fear. These great artists take me out of my life and make me want to go there.”

“You cannot tell an audience a lie. They know it before you do, before it’s out of your mouth.”

“I don’t think there’s any thrill in the world like doing work you’re good at.”

“And why not do something new every day of your life? Change! Change!”

“I never found anyone who could look after me as well as I could look after myself.”

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