Iconic Superheroes Head to a Quintessential American City
Image: Shutterstock

For years, the country has been dreading the news of Detroit’s official declaration of bankruptcy. Detroit has long been an example of an American city full of hardworking, tenacious people, but in recent history it has also become synonymous with failed industry, unemployment, and crime.

There are many who still regard Detroit as a “quintessential American city,” and one of them is bringing two iconic American superheroes there in hopes of creating the perfect setting for a new film. Reportedly, the new Batman-Superman movie has been approved for Michigan’s film incentives, and director Zach Snyder thinks that Detroit “will make the perfect backdrop” for the action film.

For Detroit residents, a major Hollywood movie being filmed in their backyard is more than an exciting novelty. It means a renewed sense of pride in their city, a chance to improve the economy, and most importantly, it means jobs. According to Julie Hinds of the Detroit Free Press, “the movie expects to hire 406 Michigan workers, and thousands of extras are expected to be needed.” The film will also improve revenue for local vendors and hotels, and could improve the state’s chances of being a desirable filming location in the future.

Screen shot 2556-09-27 at 18.44.07Detroit’s impending bankruptcy will impact not only business owners and working class people, but retirees as well, a demographic that doesn’t always get enough consideration. People born and raised in Detroit, who have spent the majority of their lives working honest jobs, fear that their health care benefits and pensions will be negatively impacted by the city’s bankruptcy. It’s been reported that Ron Bloom, Vice Chairman of the investment firm Lazard, and leader of President Barack Obama’s auto team, will advise Detroit retirees fighting benefit cuts.

Bloom and other advisors and policy makers may not be Hollywood superheroes, but they sure may seem like it to the many Detroit citizens who are counting on them right now. Be sure to stay up to date on progress being made to strengthen Michigan’s economy, and for the latest news about film production commencing in a few months.