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Alanna Heiss at the Clocktower Gallery, 2011
Image Credit: Casey Kelbaugh via


Recently we’ve written about some of the most innovative and “alternative” art spaces in New York City, without paying proper homage to the visionary behind them. Alanna Heiss is one of the most prolific figures in the global art scene, and her presence in the 1970s alternative art scene changed the face of contemporary art in New York City forever. She is the creator of some of the most renowned, groundbreaking art spaces and galleries in the city, and throughout her career she has always “looked to the next thing.”

The Clocktower Gallery, MoMA PS1,, “Under the Brooklyn Bridge,” and the Institute for Art and Urban Resources are just a few of the many impressive projects and nonprofit arts institutions she is responsible for creating. Newly retired from her directorial position at MoMA PS1, Heiss continues to imagine a New York City full of collaborative, innovative arts initiatives. She shows no signs at all of slowing down.

To learn more about Alanna Heiss and her work and legacy, visit her full profile.