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Less than one percent of NYC’s annual budget goes to cultural groups.
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It may come as no surprise that the arts culture of New York City encompasses a substantial facet of city life, as well as monumentally impacts the local economy. Every year, millions of tourists come to NYC to experience music, dance, theater, visual arts installations, visiting collections at the world’s most prolific museums, as well as independent, alternative art mediums that flourish in every borough. The artistic culture of New York City is alive and pulsing; the arts here are what make this city one of the most sought-after destinations in the world.

What may come as a surprise however, is how little of New York City’s annual budget goes to the hundreds of nonprofit arts organizations that make the city’s art culture so prolific. In fact, nonprofit arts culture receives less than one-fourth of one percent of the overall city expense budget. With such a miniscule amount of financial support going towards the many nonprofit arts organizations, one group has formed as a coalition to demonstrate the value of culture in New York City.

One Percent for Culture is that coalition, and they are working to change the way that the city prioritizes its annual budget, by advocating for nonprofit arts organizations. Read One Percent for Culture’s full profile here.