Neonmob is an online community for art collecting.

Neonmob is an online community for art collecting.

The world is vastly different today than it was fifty, or even fifteen years ago. The rise of technology and the digital age are changing the very basis of the way things work. In the last decade alone, social media sites have skyrocketed into popularity, connecting people to one another more than ever before. Bringing like-minded people from across the globe is now available with the simple click of a button. The potential is boundless.

But the digital world hasn’t been an easy transition for some–like art lovers and collectors. In an age when people spend so much time online, how do you cultivate and maintain a love for art? The answer lies in adaptation and innovation.

The Internet is a remarkable platform that has the power to unite people from different parts of the world in a matter of seconds. At any given moment, like-minded people from all walks of life can join in on online forums and discussions, or forge connections with the help of social media. The Internet has revolutionized many artistic mediums throughout its existence, and thanks to a new online social media initiative called Neonmob, art collecting as we know it is about to change.

Neonmob, created by Mike Duca with the help of hashtag founder Chris Messina, is a growing community that is working hard to bring together art collectors everywhere, enabling “creators and artists to create original digital content for others to enjoy and collect online.” Neonmob is the digital age meets art collecting meets social media, and it’s going to revolutionize the way that people share and collect art.

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Featured Image: Niall Kennedy via Flickr CC