The Sound of Music

One of Andrews’ most beloved roles: Maria in The Sound of Music.

Julie Andrews is a woman who has taught us a lot of valuable lessons over the years:

1. How never to forget the solfège scale (Do, a deer, a female deer…).

2. When you’re feeling sad, simply remember a few of your favorite things.

3. A spoonful of sugar helps the “medicine” go down.

4. A little song and dance is enough to keep all seven children in line.

… and many more. A woman of many talents, Julie Andrews is a singer, actor, dancer, director, humanitarian, public speaker, and role model. She’s shaped the lives of many–from the children who watched her in The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins to those who had the honor of hearing her speak at commencement or otherwise. A humanitarian and ambassador for a better world, Andrews lets the arts shape her every path.

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