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Within the macrocosm of planet earth there are multifarious tangled and interlinking concepts that play into how culture is created, observed, and reproduced. A global favorite, as evidenced by the multi-billion dollar magazine, clothing, and journalistic industries, is fashion. In this article, we’d like to reference and highlight a few of our favorite multi-ethnic, and globally influenced fashion blogs.

1.)  The Polyglot: According to the site, “The Polyglot was launched in 2007 in response to Condé Nast’s decision to not publish a Middle East edition of Vogue. The purpose of this site is to change perceptions about the Middle East and its Diaspora, by bringing cultures through a shared appreciation for art, fashion and design.” The blog author, Alex Aubry, is a Chicago-based writer, educator, curator, and historian.An example of one of our favorite articles Aubry published was his inspired piece on how haute couture can shine off the runway, featuring Marie-Josee Kravis. See our profile of Marie-Josee Kravis here.

2.)  Street Peeper:  There is no About section to Street Peeper because this website needs no explanation. It features incredible photographs of fashionistas walking the streets from all over the world. Click on your country of choice and wait for your screen to fill with intriguing and incredible designs, textures, and colors that have awed and inspired viewers all over the world.

3.)  Marian Kihogo:  Not your average fashion blogger. This celebrity stylist is also a fashion consultant with an eye for the exotic. This extensive blog not only covers fashion, but flows into the catagories of music and art, events, books and interviews, press, and catwalk.